Dr. Keith B. Wong, Orthodontist

Hello.  I’m pleased to have this opportunity to provide an overview of my education, philosophy, and experience as an orthodontist, as well as a brief glimpse into my life outside the practice.

I’ve often been asked how one ends up as an orthodontist; occasionally by someone interested in the field, but also by those who think it an unlikely choice.  In my case, the decision was made early.  At sixteen, I realized any future career would likely involve children and considered following in my mother’s footsteps, becoming a teacher, but orthodontics had special appeal:  I had always loved working with small mechanical models and kits and had a natural artistic propensity.  I was also aware that, of my peers, the children of orthodontists seemed to enjoy a happy and balanced home life.  These factors cemented a plan to attend dental school and pursue post-doctorate studies in orthodontics.

The first step was graduation from University of Michigan Honors College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  U of M dental school immediately followed, where, just prior to receiving the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, I was accepted into the Master’s program in orthodontics at Saint Louis University’s Medical Center.  The SLU orthodontic program was known nationally for excellence in clinical education and for its then chairman, Lysle E. Johnston, Jr., a leader in orthodontic education and research.  “Dr. J” was academically rigorous and demanding, yet truly inspiring and a great friend.  I remain grateful to him and continue to hold him as an inspiration to my work.

Since graduation from SLU, I’ve had the opportunity to successfully treat over 3,800 patients and have found that my interest in orthodontics continues to grow.  New technologies and practices such as advanced imaging, wire composition, and bonding procedures; integrative dentistry with advanced periodontic and restorative collaboration; and innovative appliances such as Invisalign have made my profession even more rewarding.  I truly enjoy both the diagnostic process—the piecing together of the puzzle, you might say—and the treatment process; seeing the treatment plan come to life—changing a self-conscious smile into a brilliant and healthy one.  But most importantly, I enjoy working with patients, young or old, to help them achieve their desired results.

A question was posed by a professor in my orthodontic program:  “What makes an excellent orthodontist?”  My first thoughts were of mechanics and achieving ideal occlusal (and facial!) outcomes.  The professor waited, allowing it to dawn on the class that this was not the only criteria.  He pointed out that, yes, an excellent orthodontist must master his or her craft, but he or she must also take care of patients, providing a positive environment and experience; that the excellent orthodontist must consider all aspects of the practice as important, and that means fostering quality relationships.  Without quality relationships, which require clear, effective communication, the best mechanics in the business will not result in a satisfied patient.  This principle has guided my career and drives my choice of team members and the intention of the practice to be a place of service where each of us strives to perform his or her respective duties in the most effective and positive manner possible.  My goals for the practice, then, are multifaceted; excellent orthodontic results created in an excellent environment of willing and friendly people.

After all these years, the decision made at sixteen has proven to be a profoundly good one.  In fact, the opportunity to provide orthodontic care has taught me a very important lesson—work can be an expression of one’s general life intention rather than simply an activity or means to a particular lifestyle.  For me, that general intention is to be of service to others and I’m grateful to my chosen field and my patients for allowing me to actualize that intention.

Outside of orthodontic practice, my interests are many.  Mary—my life partner of twenty five years—and I spend leisure time enjoying our dog Chico, performances of classical music, walks in the woods of Vashon, meditation and contemplation, and when we can arrange it, bridge nights with our friends; though, admittedly, we’re not serious bridge players!  We currently divide our time between Seattle and Vashon; a balance that allows us to enjoy the best of both city and country.

I invite you to explore other pages for additional clarification of our services, and if any questions should arise, feel free to contact us; 206-812-4494 or contact@drkeithbwongseattle.com.



Keith B. Wong, DDS, MS

What Patients Say

“Our family have been THRILLED to be patients of Dr. Wong for 3 yrs. From the first visit to the last my boys have enjoyed each visit. The office and staff are very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Wong has provided very thorough service and treats all his patients like family resulting in the highest quality of work and relationships. Do not look any further for your orthodontist. Call Dr. Wong’s office now, you will be so happy you did!” —Tara Clark 5 Stars in Google Reviews “By far, the most excellent orthodontist in Seattle! Three members of our family have been patients, and we always feel right at home. Dr. Wong’s attention to detail, simplified explanations of some complicated procedures, and overall good nature keeps us calm and comfortable. The staff is amazing, they know us by name the moment we arrive. Seattle is lucky to have such a qualified team of professionals!” —Keisha Wilson 5 Stars in Google Reviews