Dr. Wong’s Orthodontics Staff

The mission of our practice is to enrich, through exemplary service, the life of every person with whom we interact and make manifest an intention to care for people, our community, and our environment.  The foundation of service for the practice is the ongoing commitment, within the context stated above, to deliver the highest quality and most effective orthodontic care available.  To that end, each staff member, administrative and clinical, seeks to continually learn and improve in his or her role and as a team participant.

Staff members are chosen with the above mission in mind and serve to reinforce this mission through participation in open communication characterized by willingness and supportive teamwork.  The practice is team-driven; but, with a clear direction established by Dr. Wong that is carried through all aspects of the organization.

Amanda Atkinson, Treatment Coordinator

Amanda joined our practice in 2014 as scheduling coordinator; becoming the treatment coordinator in 2015.  A graduate of California State University, Chico, in Multicultural and Gender Studies, Amanda is also a registered dental assistant who relocated to Seattle’s Capitol Hill from northern California in 2014 with her then significant other, now husband, Eric. The pair love to play disc golf and enjoy the many activities available in their chosen neighborhood.  You’ll find that Amanda is genuinely excited to facilitate our patients’ treatment processes, observe their progress, and share in their happiness with treatment results.  She truly enjoys explaining the treatment process and conveying to patients “what we’re all about – which is excellent and compassionate orthodontic care!”

Dr. Wong: “Amanda is a pleasure to work with and provides a very important service:  In addition to creating diagnostic records, she ensures that what I’m saying is actually understood (lol) and that any questions are answered.  She truly is a linchpin of the practice and patients really like her.  I couldn’t be more pleased!”

Elisha Moser, Clinical Specialist

Joining the practice in 2016 after eighteen years in orthodontics, Elisha brought with her a technical expertise honed by extensive clinical experience that marries perfectly with Dr. Wong’s emphasis on excellence.  Her husband, Brenden, son Haden, and two dogs, Coco and Lucy, know of Elisha’s love of the sun, shopping, and easygoing attitude.  What they may not know is how rewarding to her it’s been to be a part of improving people’s smiles—and that dedicating herself to a rewarding vocation has made those eighteen years fly by!  

Dr. Wong: “Elisha has been a great addition to the clinical team.  It makes the day so much more enjoyable to work alongside knowledgeable people who are also great with patients and other staff members.  Elisha is an exceptional team player (!) who brings nothing but good things to the practice.”

Kimberly Nguyen, Laboratory and Clinical Assistant

An aspiring dentist, Kim joined the practice as an intern in 2015 and, while completing the BS in biology at UW, has since become a clinical assistant and the practice’s primary laboratory technician.  Hailing from an extended family of seven (humans) with two pets—Lucy, a five year old Chihuahua, and Mr. Bear, an eight month old Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix—Kim enjoys interactions with patients as much as she’s fascinated by the biomechanics of orthodontics.  If you want to catch her on off hours, try looking at exceptional restaurants (a real foodie who loves to cook and dine!), dog parks, badminton courts, music festivals, makeup counters, and canoe outposts:  Kim is anything but boring!

Dr. Wong: “The best way to characterize Kim is dedicated, thorough, and hard-working with a great sense of fun and a gentle nature.  When she joined us as an intern, I knew she’d fit right in and hoped she would stay around for a while,  We’re fortunate to have held on to such a high quality individual!”

Seth Martin,
Scheduling Coordinator

Seth, whose career as a professional soccer referee is taking off, has recently left us to find work allowing greater stretches of time away to pursue his passion.  We have greatly enjoyed his comradeship and look forward to seeing him on the pro soccer tour in the years ahead!

Dr, Wong quite,  “Seth has been a great member of the team; we’ll all miss him but are excited about his future!  Best wishes, Seth!” 

Manny Vargas

Manny joined our practice in 2015 after working in the field for three years following graduation from Bellingham Technical College.  He’s now a leading member of the clinical team who is equally at home working with patients as he is on the field (baseball, football, basketball).  In addition to sporting interests, Manny is a music enthusiast, restaurant adventurer, and travel buff who calls cats Charlie and Tigger family.  An enthusiastic clinical assistant who enjoys helping patients achieve their goals, he is a valued member of the team.

Dr. Wong: “What pleases me most about Manny is his willingness to learn and develop.  He’s become an excellent assistant on whom I can depend, day in and day out, and, best of all, he’s really liked by our patients!”

Shannon Martinez

Shannon, a leader in our clinic since 2014, has been an orthodontic and registered dental assistant since graduating from Bryman in 2006.  An avid singer, pianist, and roller blader, she brings that same enthusiasm to work where she thrives in getting to know patients and helping them “leave with smiles on their faces.”  With two young ones at home, Demitri and Quentin, she and husband Eric are kept on their toes!

Asked what she likes most about orthodontics, Shannon responded, “I love seeing people gain confidence in their smiles!”

Dr. Wong: “Shannon keeps us focused and uses her experience to attend to details that may be missed in other clinics.  We’re glad she’s chosen to continue working with us while simultaneously rearing two wonderful boys.  She would be missed!”

Jessica Frenchwood

Jessica joined our practice in 2015 as scheduling coordinator; moving to financial coordinator in 2016.  She keeps things moving around here, just like at home with her three children!  Since moving to the West Coast with husband, Lamont, Sr., along with Jasmin, LaIndia, and Lamont, Jessica has found her past-times—like reading, experimenting with healthy cooking, or traveling for her children’s basketball games or cheerleading—and her work to be highly rewarding.  “(The things I most like about my position are) my co-workers and patients.   I am truly blessed to have found Dr. Wong and his team since moving from Michigan to Seattle.  I am fortunate to be working side by side with co-workers who strive to provide the highest level of patient care by staying ahead of the latest technology and advances in orthodontics (through) continuing education.  Building rapport patients and their families is the best; particularly knowing that our clinical specialists are providing the most efficient, patient centered care transforming their smiles.”

Dr. Wong: “Jessica keeps tabs on so many important things!  Without a strong financial coordinator, the patients suffer and so does the practice.  Those of us in the clinic just show up and do our job, typically not giving much thought to the hours of work needed to keep the operation running—Jessica makes it look easy—but I’m very aware of the responsibility asked of her and am grateful that someone upon whom I can rely is in that front office!”