Joining Our Practice: Adults

Whether you desire limited or full orthodontic treatment (please see Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics: what is it and when to first visit a specialist and A Variety of Treatments) the first step is an initial examination and consultation with Dr. Wong. These appointments may be scheduled most readily by contacting our office by telephone, 206-812-4494. Upon your arrival for this appointment, you will be provided with a brief medical history and insurance form, which will assist us, if applicable, in researching for you the insurance coverage to which you are entitled.

The Initial Examination

The initial examination and consultation is a complementary service during which diagnostic records, including photo- and radiographs , will be taken and a thorough examination by Dr. Wong of your dentition and facial structure will be conducted. Following examination, Dr. Wong will present for your consideration his initial diagnosis and treatment plan. The treatment coordinator will review this treatment plan with you and aid you in assessing the need for a second consultation with Dr. Wong. (Dr. Wong is pleased to provide an additional consultation in such cases that are complex and/or involve multiple or extended family participation.) The treatment coordinator will also review all financial questions, including insurance coverage, prior to your departure.

We encourage the attendance of all adults who will be involved in the decision-making and financial aspects of your treatment. It is important to us that you and your family are, and remain, well informed and comfortable with the plan of treatment, both prior to initiation of that treatment and throughout the treatment phase. Should you choose to initiate treatment, you will, at each appointment, be kept abreast of all procedures that have and will be performed, and the overall progress made toward treatment goals.

Communicating with Dr. Wong

In our practice a priority is placed upon keeping open the lines of communication. In the course of treatment, should you desire to speak with Dr. Wong outside of the clinic setting, or should you wish to review your financial arrangements or any other matter, you need only contact your treatment coordinator. During the initial examination and consultation, the treatment coordinator will describe her role in your treatment and provide contact information that you may utilize throughout the treatment process. She will be available to assist you directly and, should the need arise, ensure that you are able to speak with Dr. Wong at a time of mutual convenience. You will find that Dr. Wong id happy to assist you whenever possible, and truly enjoys being of service!

Typical Treatment Considerations for Adults

For many adults, the first consideration is the aesthetic presentation of any proposed orthodontic appliance. Therefore, the appliances favored by most adults are Invisalign aligners or clear ceramic brackets. Many cases can be successfully treated by either of these appliances, or a combination of the two. In some instances, however, one of these appliance types may offer significant advantages over the other. Dr. Wong will discuss the advantages and limitations of all appropriate appliances for your situation, allowing you to make the most ideal and informed decision.

In addition, adults may present with significant periodontal and/or restorative dental considerations that influence the orthodontic treatment plan. Because orthodontic tooth movement involves an intentional manipulation of the supporting bony and soft tissue periodontium, it is important that these tissues are healthy; both before and after orthodontic treatment. Dr. Wong will examine the periodontium and, in such cases that care is indicated prior to orthodontic treatment, will provide a referral to a periodontal specialist. Also to be considered are dental implants, crowns, bridges, and/or missing teeth. Often, adult patients are referred by the general dentist for orthodontic treatment in order to create the ideal conditions for planned restorations. When orthodontic and restorative dental treatment goals are integrated during planning, results are optimized. For this reason, Dr. Wong stresses a team approach involving your general dentist, and any other indicated specialists, in order to provide the most thoughtful and well-executed treatment.

A further consideration faced by a minority of adults is the correction of skeletal imbalances. A skeletal imbalance in a non-growing adult may indicate the need for surgical repositioning combined with orthodontics. If facial aesthetics can be enhanced significantly via surgery, the surgical option may be most ideal. If pleasing facial aesthetics exist currently, and surgical treatment is deemed too invasive, non-surgical options may be considered. In all cases, Dr. Wong views facial aesthetics as paramount and does not recommend surgery for the purpose of ideal dental occlusion when such surgery will be of detriment to those aesthetics. Limited or “compromised” treatment may be considered for those patients who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure, or for whom Dr. Wong does not recommend such a procedure for the reason stated above, but for whom surgery is the only means to ideal occlusion. Dr. Wong will confer with the referring dentist in such cases to ensure that all parties are in agreement before such limited treatment is commenced.


We are very conscious of the adult patient’s schedule and offer appointments during the lunch hour (noon to one o’clock), in addition to the morning and afternoon.

For those who would prefer to be seen alongside other adults, we provide adult-only periods. For those seeking treatment alongside their children, or those who enjoy children and teens, appointments may be scheduled at any hour.

Also, we are happy to accommodate adults, or youths, who would appreciate an enclosed, private operatory.


It is our intention to serve you with the highest quality of orthodontic care, and to make that care affordable by providing a variety of financing structures to meet your specific needs. The treatment coordinator will explain thoroughly the available financing plans and answer your questions regarding methods and timing of payment. The coordinator will also be available throughout the course of your treatment to discuss financial questions and considerations.

In addition to personal financing plans, we are pleased to work with third-party healthcare finance sources such as Carecredit. Also, many insurance policies provide a lifetime orthodontic benefit that is distinct from regular dental insurance. Because insurance policies vary, our Business and Regulatory Manager, Christine O’Dowd, will research the orthodontic coverage of your insurance plan and, once treatment begins, file claims on your behalf.

Finally, one very helpful resource for many patients is the Flexible Spending Account. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA), also called a flex plan or medical reimbursement account, is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows you to pay for eligible medical expenses on a pre-tax basis; reducing your federal tax obligation. Please ask your benefits administrator if your employer offers Flexible Spending Accounts; and, if so, how your plan reimburses for orthodontics, and when your funds would be available to you following account deposit.

For your convenience, we are happy to offer online services through our state-of-the-art cloud technology; Ortho2. With the simple click of a mouse, or tap of your smartphone, our secure, twenty four hour online service allows you to view your account information, check your payment history, and see current charges.

What Patients Say

“If you are a bit unsure of what to do with your ortho situation or have had bad ortho experiences in the past like me, I would definitely recommend going to Dr Wong for an examination. You will definitely get an honest assessment and some amazing treatment if you decide to go with Dr Wong. I felt super comfortable immediately. His staff were awesome, very nice and diligent. They have changed a few staff since I first started treatment but the new staff are just as good as the originals. Also his office/surgery is very nice and relaxing. Nice high windows that basically act as sky lights in a Suburban neighborhood. … Dr Wong himself is a very humble, nice guy who was very attentive to me and the other clients and very talented and quick at his craft.”
—Peter Conway
5 Stars in Google Reviews