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Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

The Seattle Insider’s Guide to Invisalign

Posted by Keith B. Wong, DDS, MS, 11/8/2013

Does Invisalign work? Yes, but the answer is complicated. Invisalign is a product that is innovative and technically sophisticated with a certain aesthetic elegance, not unlike an iphone; therefore, many assume that Invisalign is similar to an iphone in that where it is acquired is unimportant. In reality, Invisalign is of greater similarity to a … read the full article

How long does Invisalign treatment take, and am I, or is my child, a good candidate?

Posted by Keith B. Wong, DDS, MS, 8/10/2013

In our practice, Invisalign and traditional treatment with brackets and wires require similar treatment lengths; the total time being dependent upon case complexity.  The key to efficient and excellent treatment with Invisalign is the clinical understanding of Invisalign mechanics, which differ greatly from wire and bracket mechanics.  Most patients, adult and teen, can be effectively … read the full article

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