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Welcome to the Capitol Hill home of Seattle orthodontist
Keith B. Wong, DDS, MS;
creator of over three thousand smiles for children and adults.

Day in and day out, the intention of our staff is to make your orthodontic experience all that we know it can be—uplifting, transformative, and grounded in caring relationships and the most advanced and effective orthodontic techniques available.  Whether you are considering orthodontic care for yourself or your child, we invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn if orthodontic treatment is indicated and appropriate and to explore the many options available to you.  For your convenience, the text below provides an overview of our philosophy and services.  Please contact us with any questions that may arise as you explore this material and website.

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Caring Hearts, Bright Minds, Skilled Hands
The mission of our practice is to enrich, through exemplary service, the life of every person with whom we interact.  The heart of our service arises out of an intention to care for people, our community, and environment.  The foundation of our service as an orthodontic practice is the ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality and most effective orthodontic care available.  In order to accomplish this within the context of community and environment, each member of our staff, administrative and clinical, continually seeks and employs the most current technologies and techniques to that end.

For example, low-dose digital radiography reduces patient radiation exposure, improves diagnostic image quality, and eliminates toxic chemicals used in film processing.  Our paperless office technology (Ortho2 Cloud) reduces resource consumption and improves patient privacy.  Intraoral photographic scanning obviates the need for impressions, which improves patient comfort (no more gagging), improves treatment efficiency via increased appliance accuracy, and eliminates transportation energy expenditures.  Moreover, Dr. Wong is continually evaluating all new orthodontic technologies, mastering developing techniques, and integrating the most effective modalities currently available in order to offer his patients the best options for orthodontic care.  In fact, this year Dr. Wong will have exceeded the State of Washington’s guideline for professional development by over 400%. In addition, Dr. Wong is a provider under “Smiles Change Lives,” a service that matches willing children from low-income homes with qualified orthodontists who provide medically necessary treatment free of charge.

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A Significant Investment
For most individuals and families, orthodontic care represents a substantial commitment of resources.  Assisting the patient or parent to manage finances and time with respect to orthodontic care is another way in which we endeavor to serve.  Financially, whether orthodontic insurance, third party financing, installments, or medical flexible-spending-accounts, our staff is intent on clarifying your options and determining the most appropriate arrangement for you and your family.  Throughout the treatment process, our treatment coordinator and services director, Diane Stoffer, also serves as liaison between patient/parent and practice; facilitating communication and adjustment should circumstances alter.  With respect to time, perhaps you are an adult patient who desires an early morning or lunchtime appointment, or a parent who prefers his or her child to be seen after school-hours: Christine O’Dowd, our experienced business manager, ensures that your preferences are recorded; coordinating our schedule to meet your needs.  Chris will also ensure that you are fully informed regarding any insurance coverage to which you are entitled.

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Orthodontics for Children and Youths – Overview
We consider your child’s time with us to be unique and very special.  We view this time as a valuable opportunity for him or her to feel the satisfaction of successful participation in an important and positive process; a process in which your child can take both responsibility and pride, and which results in the benefit of a confident and ready smile.  Significantly, this opportunity occurs for your child during a period of great development and discovery.  We believe that communicating with your child, in a manner that is appropriate for him or her, about orthodontic treatment, interests, and activities, serves to foster self-understanding and bolster confidence in social interaction and discourse.  We strive to allow each child to see reflected in the eyes of our supportive and positive team all that they can be, now and in the future.  Moreover, orthodontics in our office is just plain fun, so we like to celebrate the joy of being alive.  As our tag line reads, ”Be yourself. Be happy. Smile!”

The growing child affords the opportunity of interceptive treatment which is coordinated with developmental patterns.  It is the intent of Dr. Wong to utilize this opportunity to create for your child a stable, healthy, and pleasing smile.  This is accomplished while considering the long term effect of the treatment plan upon facial aesthetics, including soft tissue.  When viewing of the homepage is concluded, please see Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics: What It Is, and When to Visit a Specialist to learn more on this subject and Dr. Wong’s diagnostic philosophy.

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Orthodontics for Adults – Overview
In our office, the orthodontic experience for adults is just as enjoyable as it is for children and, perhaps, more so.  An adult seeking orthodontic treatment has recognized the need and/or desire for change. Given this level of motivation and dedication, the adult patient is an enthusiastic participant who enjoys the fruits of his or her decision.  This enthusiasm is matched by that of team members who are inspired by the life-affirming qualities of the typical adult who chooses to pursue orthodontic care.

Our goal for each patient, young or old, is to achieve the desired orthodontic result within the context of facial aesthetics.  For the adult patient, dentofacial characteristics differ from that of the growing child and present unique challenges for the orthodontist.  Dr. Wong has extensive experience with adult treatment and welcomes the opportunity to aid the adult patient in acquiring the desired occlusion, smile, and facial harmony.  In addition, many treatment modalities, from crystal clear brackets to advanced Invisalign, are now available for the adult population; options that make orthodontic treatment appropriate, acceptable, and accessible.

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Joining Us
The first step in the exploration of orthodontic treatment is a thorough examination and consultation.  Dr. Wong and your treatment coordinator are happy to provide this service.  Our office may be reached via telephone, 206-812-4494, or email,, if you wish to pursue this complimentary service.

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