$900 Credit off Invisalign teen

Invisalign Teen

$900 Credit toward Invisalign Teen:  Now through 9/30/2017

Invisalign Teen—orthodontic alignment with clear, removable “aligners,” enhanced for teenagers with five replacement aligners and a guarantee of transfer to fixed appliances if deemed necessary by patient, parent/guardian, or Dr. Wong—is now more convenient and reliable, thanks to remote monitoring, than has ever been the case.  As a leading Invisalign provider in the Seattle area, our practice has been authorized to extend $900.00 credit toward any Invisalign Teen case initiated prior to September 30, 2017.

We are pleased to have been asked to participate in this offer—applicable to Invisalign treatment of any patient under 20 years of age—and are grateful to be ranked as Yelp’s #1 “orthodontist,” “Invisalign orthodontist,” and “Invisalign teen orthodontist” in Seattle. It is our goal to live up to those rankings by continuing to provide excellent, forward-thinking orthodontic care for you and your children. 

More about Invisalign Teen

A few of the many reasons Invisalign Teen is becoming a favored orthodontic modality by patients, parents, and orthodontists alike: 

LESS OFFICE VISITS for busy teens and their families:  On average, office visits are reduced by 30-50% compared to traditional braces/fixed appliances.

MORE CLINICAL SUPERVISION with Virtual Invisalign Progress tracking:  Via a specialized phone application, treatment is digitally supervised and directed between office visits.

LESS DISCOMFORT:  Studies show—and our patients report—significantly less discomfort using the lighter forces of aligner therapy compared to those of traditional fixed appliances.  

ELIMINATION OF EMERGENCIES:  There are no broken brackets or “poking” wires necessitating urgent trips to the orthodontist.

SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER ORAL HYGIENE:  Aligner removal simplifies hygiene—making it more likely and more effective; no “white stains,” bleeding gums, or cavities due to inadequate hygiene prompted by fixed appliances.  

LESS INTERFERENCE WITH WOODWINDS AND HORNS:  Removable aligners are more harmonious with practice and performance than are traditional fixed appliances.

TOOTH PROTECTION:  For those involved in sports or physical activities that do not already require mouthguard wear, aligners offer real protection from dental impact.

LESS ROOT RESORPTION:  Studies suggest that root shortening due to orthodontic treatment is lessened in aligner therapy—possibly due to the intermittent nature of force in such therapy.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST—NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS:  Aligners, unlike fixed appliances, are removed to eat; therefore, no foods are forbidden for fear of breaking an appliance  (This is greatly appreciated by patients.)

If you believe that Invisalign Teen may be a good choice for you or your child, contact us for a complementary consultation via email, contact@drkeithbwongseattle.com, or telephone, (206) 812-4494.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Keith B. Wong, DDS, MS is a Seattle orthodontist specializing in Invisalign and traditional orthodontics, with extensive experience in the treatment of complex and simple cases alike.