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I bite my tongue: can that be changed?

Posted by Keith B. Wong, DDS, MS, 7/31/2013

I bite my tongue: can that be changed?

If you repeatedly bite your tongue or cheek, you may have malocclusion of the dentition that is contributing to this painful situation.  Typically, the shapes of the tooth surfaces facing the tongue (lingual) and cheeks (buccal) are such that, when the teeth are positioned correctly, the tongue and cheeks are guided safely away from the biting area.  If this is not the case, orthodontic treatment may be advisable.  Both children and adults suffer from this problem and can be successfully treated in most cases.  Advancement in orthodontics (e.g., wire technology, Acceledent, TADs, Invisalign, etc . . .) makes such treatment shorter in duration than in years past and appropriate for all ages.  (So talking, or consuming your favorite foods, can once again be enjoyable!)

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  • Keith B. Wong

    Dr. Keith Wong has had the opportunity to successfully treat over three thousand patients. He uses the newest technologies, including advanced imaging, advancements in wire composition and bonding procedures, and Invisalign. He truly enjoys both the diagnostic process; the piecing together of the puzzle, and the treatment process; seeing the treatment plan come to life and change a self-conscious smile into a brilliant and healthy one. But most importantly, he enjoys working with patients, young or old, and helping them to achieve the results that they desire.

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